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Robert Shabkie, CFP®, J.D., LL.M.

Robert Shabkie, CFP®, J.D., LL.M.

Investment Adviser Representative

My fascination with investing and finance began during my teenage years, as I watched my grandmother skillfully day trade stocks from her online brokerage account. Witnessing wealth materialize in real-time within her modest home office sparked a deep fascination in me. The turbulent tech boom of the 1990s exposed the market's volatile nature, and I personally observed the effects of insufficient savings on families, which deeply influenced my views.

A native of South Carolina, I pursued higher education attending the College of Charleston before venturing to San Diego to attend law school at the University of San Diego. There, I earned an LL.M. in Taxation, focusing on estate and gift tax planning.

In 2010, I joined ING Financial Partners, which later evolved into Voya Financial Advisors. With the guidance of an accomplished mentor, I acquired expertise in building portfolios, asset evaluation, and effectively communicating complex concepts to clients. I conducted meetings with clients where we could discuss their priorities, often including challenging subjects. This invaluable experience underscored the significance of comprehensive financial planning and sparked my goal to establish an office where I could holistically assist clients in devising investment strategies while separately offering estate and tax counsel as an attorney.

In 2013, my perspective transformed dramatically as I embarked on a path to earn the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation. During my education I discovered that while investment strategies are crucial, Financial Planning is at the core of the equation. I came to understand the importance of understanding a client's life and long-term objectives, and how to deploy finances as an instrument to reach those goals. The opportunity to help others create effective strategies sparked my passion for financial planning, leading me to establish Pathlight Wealth Management as a boutique practice with a warm, family-like atmosphere.

The guiding principle of my financial advisory practice is to offer all-encompassing and personalized financial planning services, enabling clients to reach their goals while minimizing stress and uncertainty. I am committed to supporting my clients at every stage, and clients are invited to maintain regular communication with us, in addition to our standard annual meetings.

The work I have carried out thus far fills me with gratification, and I am excited to progress in my financial journey. My greatest professional accomplishment being the success of my clients and the peace of mind they achieve through our collaboration.

Outside the office, I enjoy reading, ongoing self-education, and personal growth. I aim to foster well-rounded perspectives for myself, my team, and our clients. My free hours are filled with family, playing golf and surfing.